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Doctoral School / UAM

Applied Chemistry

Programa de Doctorado en Química Aplicada

The purpose of the PhD in Applied Chemistry is the advanced student training in research methodologies and techniques that will allow the completion and presentation of the corresponding doctoral thesis in a field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or Environment Studies. The program has emerged from the initiative of four Departments of Chemistry (Geology and Geochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry), Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid in union of the Institutes of Catalysis and Petrochemical and Ceramics and Glass Institute, Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).


The Doctoral Program in Applied Chemistry prepares highly qualified researchers in the development of research in chemistry, able to incorporate advances in applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Nanoscience fields, responding to the actual demand in basic and applied research existing in these fields, so they can respond successfully to the challenge of generation and transfer of knowledge to the society and the productive sector. Thus, PH doctors graduated in this program may not only carry out their work in universities and public research centers but may join the R & D departments of Chemical Industries.


Research lines:

  •    Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors
  •    Chromatographic and Electrophoretic techniques
  •    New Catalytic Processes in Biorefineries
  •    Transformation of Carbohydrates in Bioproducts of Interest
  •    Polymers of Low Dimensionality
  •    Synthesis of macromolecular inorganic compounds and with biomedical interest
  •    Materials of technological interest
  •    Multidisciplinary approaches to catalytic processes 
  •    Molecular Electronic Structure: Methodology and Applications
  •    Methods on Computational Chemistry
  •    New Ceramics and Glasses: Structural and Functional Materials
  •    High Temperature Materials, Materials for Energy, Health and Environment and Materials for air & earth Transport
  •    Geochemistry of engineered barriers for radioactive waste
  •    Environmental catalysis: Advanced effluent treatment
  •    Preparation of carbonaceous materials
  •    Ionic liquids and molecular simulation 



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Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1