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Access requirements

PhD Programme in Pharmacology and Physiology

According to RD 99/2011, 28thJanuary, regulating Doctorate studies, and the rules for Doctorate studies of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, access requirements for PhD programmes are:

1. Holding a Spanish bachelor´s degree (or equivalent) and a Master´s degree.

2. Access may be also granted where the following cases apply:

  • Holders of a Spanish university degree (or from another country integrating European higher education system), that grants access to Master´s degree, according to RD 1393/2007 October 29th. Applicants should have achieved a minimum of 300 ECTS in university studies of which at least 60 must be at Master's level.
  • Holders of a Spanish university Graduate degree, following European rules, of at least 300 ECTS. In this case, unless these studies include specific credits for research training, the candidates must take some background credits that should be equivalent to those awarded on Master's courses.
  • Holders of a Spanish university Graduate degree having passed at least two years of a programme for an official qualification in one of the Health Science specialisations.
  • Holders of a foreign university Graduate degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems without the need for official recognition, having previously confirmed that this qualification accredits a level of training equivalent to the official Spanish university Master's degree and that it would serve as a means of access to a PhD in the country in which it was awarded. This admission does not imply, under any circumstances, official recognition of the previous qualification or recognition for any purpose other than access to PhD studies.
  • Holders of a Diploma of Advanced Studies obtained in accordance with the provisions of RD 778/1998, 30th April, or having achieved research proficiency under the terms outlined in RD 185/25, 23rd January. Students having a positive evaluation in the Training Period from the PhD Programme in Medicine and Surgery (RD 1393/2007) at UAM or in another similar Programme, can also apply.
  • Holders of another Spanish PhD qualification, obtained in accordance with the previous university's rules.

The recommended access route to the PhD programme in Pharmacology and Physiology (RD 99/2011) is the Master´s Degree in Pharmacological Research RD 1303/2007. Students holding other official Master studies or other training periods (Diploma of Advanced Studies or training period in the Medicine and Surgery PhD program) in Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, or similar topics, can be also accepted. Moreover, access can be also granted for applicants holding Medicine or Pharmacy degrees recognised with the MECES3 level which is equivalent to Master´s degrees.

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