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Cancelling your bank account

Cancelling your bank account

Once our time in Spain has ended, we should close our bank account. If we don’t annul the contract binding us to our bank and choose to simply leave our bank account at zero, account fees quickly put our balance into the negative. When this occurs, it will be impossible to close the account until the balance is positive again after paying the bank any fees and penalties it deems appropriate.

If the account we want to cancel is associated with more than one name, the application to cancel the account should be signed by all of them.

Cancelling the account obliges the bank to give the account holder/s back the balance left in the account. It also requires that the account holder/s return effects associated with the account, such as bank cards, bank books, checks, etc.

It is considered bad practice to reopen an account that has already been cancelled, so if further charges are made to the account using means of payment associated with the account, the bank should reclaim the ensuing debt but may not “reactivate” the cancelled account in order to cover the movements in question.