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Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account

Regardless of your nationality, you must document your situation, whether as a resident or as a non-resident, in order to open a bank account in Spain.

If you have already formalized your residency and you have the card that proves it (NIE), all you have to do is present it at a bank when you open an account.

If you do not have a residency card and you are an EU resident there are two options:

1. The first is to go to the Police Headquarters (Dirección General de la Policía) with your passport (original and photocopy) and ask for a "certificado de no residencia" (a certificate of non-residency). Ten days later (approximately) you will have to go back there to pick it up.

With your passport and this certificate you can go to any bank to open an account. It will be operative from that very moment, and the money deposited in it will be immediately available.

2. The second option is to go to the bank with your passport and ask to open an account. In this case, it is the bank itself that requests the certificate of non-residency with a permission form that you can sign at the bank. If you open a bank

account this way, it won’t be operative until the bank receives this document, and any money deposited will be blocked until that time.

If you don’t have a residency card and are from of a non-EU country

You can only open an account by presenting a passport.

However, it is possible that if in less than two months you have still not obtained your residency card the bank may block your funds. It is therefore very important that you apply to open a bank account only after turning in the paperwork required for the NIE.

There is no minimum deposit required to open bank accounts in euros, for other currencies there are minimums depending on which one it is.

We recommend before choosing a bank that you visit the ones on the university campus. In some cases, they will allow you to open an account without asking for any documentation as long as you present your student identification.

Finally, we remind you that banks usually charge for certain transactions, such the opening and maintaining of an account. It therefore makes sense to compare the different banks before choosing.