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Loss or theft of documents

Loss or theft of documents

If your DNI, NIE or PASSPORT are lost or stolen, you will need to report the loss to the police by filing a report the same day the loss or robbery has occurred. It is important to remember that in Spain both citizens and non-citizens must carry their documentation at all times.

A report can be made in person or online, the second option being much more convenient.

To do this you simply go to the website of la Oficina Virtual de la Policía Nacional, go to the DENUNCIAS section, and from there select the type of report you would like to make.

Finally, be reminded that you will have to go to the police station to sign your report sometime after 10 a.m. on the following day. You should go to the same office in which you filed the online report. The report will not be official until then.

With this report, and with a copy of your valid passport, you should request a duplicate of the NIE in the police office on the Avenida de los Poblados. After this step the police will issue a certificate that states your legal situation.

In the event that you’ve lost your passport, after making the police report official you should go to the consulate of your country in Spain.