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Visa and Visitor's Permit

Within the first weeks after your arrival in Spain

If you are studying in Spain for longer than six months, you should apply for the appropriate student residency card (NIE) within—at the most—one month after actually entering the country. Given the amount of time it takes for residency cards to process, it is recommended that you take the first steps within a week of arriving.
To apply for the NIE for the first time, you have to apply for an appointment .

You have to select "Madrid" in the dropdown list that reads (TOMA DE HUELLAS (EXPEDICIÓN DE TARJETA) Y RENOVACIÓN DE TARJETA DE LARGA DURACIÓN"

On the day of your appointment, you should go to the police station located on Avda. de los Poblados s/n. (Subway / Train Aluche)  with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your Passport (only the pages on which your personal information appears, your visa, and the official stamp from the immigration officers at the airport from when you entered Spain);
  • Photocopy of the letter of admission from the university, and copy of your enrollment information
  • 3 pictures
  •  Fee form 790 (Cod. 12). You can pick it up at our Reception Office and it can be paid at any bank.

With a visa of 180 days:
It is not possible to process a residency permit. You can only stay in Spain until the visa expires, in other words, it is necessary for you to return to your country of origin before it expires