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Community services


Community services is in charge of managing/coordinating all those services within the campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid aimed at facilitating the daily life of the over 40,000 people who work or study there.

The services include cafeterias and restaurants, halls of residence, bookshop, banks, pharmacy, facilities, etc.

Work teams

Ana Mª Langa Benito
Secretary's office
Dep. Campus and  Sustainability
Tel. 34+ 91.497.49.59
Fax. 34+91.497.86.43


Main activities

The main activity in Community Services is to keep information on all services and activities within the Autonomous University as up-to-date as possible. And also to maintain permanent information between services and users to ensure that what is offered in each of them adapts to the needs of the latter, in addition to processing and responding to the complaints and suggestions the service receives.

Functional structure

Dep. Campus and Sustainability