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Visa and Visitor's Permit

If you want to travel during your time at UAM

If you need to travel and you still don’t have your residency card number, but your visa is still valid, you should check the following things before you leave Spain:

  1.  Verify that your visa is multiple entry (MULT), and that the beginning and ending dates of your travel fall within the period that the visa is valid.
  2. Check the countries your visa includes. If it says Spain, before traveling abroad (including to countries in the European Union) you should contact the consulate of the country you wish to visit. Having a multiple entry visa only means that you can enter and leave Spain, not that you will be allowed into another countryyou’re your visa says SCHENGEN, then you can travel for up to 90 days to any country signatory of the Schengen agreement without presenting additional documentation.

If you need to travel, you don’t have your residency card number and your visa has expired:
You cannot leave Spain. In this case, please come by the office for further advice.
If you need to travel and you have your residence card number, or you physical residence card has expired, you need to apply for a Permit of Return.
- Schedule an appointment through the Website: https://sede.mpt.gob.es/icpplus/citar You should go to the appointment on your scheduled day with the following information:

  • EX13 document filled out in duplicate
  • Fee for permission to return. We will provide this fee in the office. You can pay it in any bank, 10,30 euros.
  • Full passport, travel document or – if applicable – valid certificate of identity.
  • Original and copy of the expired NIE card.
  • Evidence of being in the process of renewal.
  • If all the appointments offered by the system are for a date when you are supposed to be traveling, you will need to choose any one of them, print it out and go as soon as possible to the comisaría to show plane or train tickets that demonstrate that you are going to be traveling on this date.

Until you have a new card, Autorización de regreso (return permission) is the only document that allows you to travel outside of Spain when you still don’t have a validcard or this card is expired. THIS CAN ONLY BE PROCESSED IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN NIE NUMBER.