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Visa and Visitor's Permit

Students from European Union member countries

As a citizen of the European Union, instead of pursuing a residency card, you will only need to obtain a registration certificate as an EU resident. This document is provided by the Regional Police for Borders and Immigration (Brigada Provincial de Extranjería y Fronteras), and to obtain it you have to make an appointment in advance online in order to go to the Office at Padre Piquer.

You should provide the following documents:
- Valid Passport or National Identification Document from your country of origin (original and photocopy).
- Official Admission Letter.
- Private Medical Insurance or European Social Security Card.
- Evidence of economic means.
- Application form EX18 (original and photocopy)
- 1 picture
-Fee form 790 (Cod. 12). This 10.60 euro fee can be paid at any bank. You can pick up the form at the Welcome Office. Before you go to any bank do not forget to fill out all the information in the identification section. In the “Autoliquidación” section you should select “Registration certificate for EU-citizen or Residency card for family member of an EU citizen” (Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión)..