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Office for Cultural Activities


The development of close relations in cultural exchange and collaboration with the society is the main goal of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The Office for Cultural Activities is in charge of the administrative management dependent on the organization of initiatives carried out by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Office of University Extension and Scientific Dissemination. Some of these activities are courses of university extension, meeting authors, exhibitions, teaching theatre and musical expression, tale and poetry contests, season of concerts, support to university museums, etc.

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Work team


María José Escribano Perea
Rectorado, 2ª entreplanta
Phone numbers: 91497 4359 y 91497 4645 - Fax 91497 4174
E-mail: mjose.escribano@uam.es

Website Maintenance:

Juana Leoz Paul
Rectorado, 2ª entreplanta
Phone number: 91497 4359 / 4645
E-mail: actividades.culturales@uam.es

Teaching and Support Staff:

Néstor Anaya Domínguez
Judith Bermejo Bastardi
Alba Fernández Morales
Lina Ripoll Montoya

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Studies and University Extension

Functional structure

Dep. University Extension and Scientific Dissemination

Contact Details

E-mail: actividades.culturales@uam.es