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Period for presenting applications

·         First quarter: 15 May - 15 June.

·         Second quarter: 16 June - 31 October.

·         Clinical rotations of the Faculty of Medicine: 16 June - 31 October


How to apply for admission:

This process is in two parts:

A - Application for admission (online):

      1.     Registration as user: first you have to register as a UAM user to have access to the online resources.

      2.     Application form: using the username and password you obtain on registration, you can access the application form for admission.

B – Application for subjects  (hard copy form):

You have to specify the subjects that you want to take in the application form or the specific application form for clinical rotations.     

You have to fill in this form in all the fields with complete information relating to the subjects you want to take (code, course, semester and number of credits, faculty/school). The information can be consulted in the study plans

The applications must be signed by the applicants.

It is very important that the students consult the study plans and timetables of the different subjects to avoid overlaps between them (see the section on the specific conditions of each Centre/Faculty).

In case of doubt, get in touch with the International Relations Office of the corresponding Centre/Faculty.

Documentation to present:

·         Subject application form.

·         Photocopy of passport (EU citizens must present a copy of their national identity document).

·         Official academic certificate of the student's university of origin specifying the subjects taken and the grades obtained. An official and original document is required (photocopies or scanned documents are not accepted and it must be signed and sealed by the issuing institution).

·         Certificate of the university of origin indicating that you are taking an undergraduate degree or Master's studies at this university.

·         Accreditation of the required language level, according to the language in which the courses to be studied are taken.

·         In the case of Master's studies you have to attach a CV. The coordination of the specific Master's may ask for other additional documents.

·         Any other documentation considered appropriate by the centre or director of the Master's.


Submission of documentation:

All the original documentation must arrive within the periods established at the International Relations and Mobility Office:

Programa Estudiantes Visitantes

Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales y Movilidad.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Edificio Plaza Mayor

Campus de Cantoblanco

28049 Madrid




Students who are not from the European Union have to process their student visas before travelling. It is NOT possible to process a student visa once in Spain.

Normally, you can begin the visa application process using the letter of admission received online before waiting for the original document required.