Clinical rotations

Clinical rotations

Students taking the Medicine or Nursing degree may carry out clinical rotations.

Due to the volume of requests for clinical rotations, applications from students at universities with which UAM has a bilateral agreement will be given priority, without this meaning they are guaranteed a place.

To find out whether your university has an agreement with the UAM, see here.  


Applications will be admitted to carry out rotations of between 1 to 6 months duration.


Admission will be on a first come first served basis.

A maximum of 2 students will be accepted per semester, or 4 per quarter or shorter period from each university.

Specific application procedure:

Students must send an e-mail with the proposed dates and specific rotations they want to carry out

Once the response to the previous e-mail has been received, you must follow the general application procedure.

Application periods:

The general periods are applicable. In the case of rotations that begin between 1 May and 7 September there will be a specific period.

Specific fees for clinical rotations by duration:

1 month - 720 euros

2 months - 1,440 euros

3 months - 2,160 euros

4 months - 2,880 euros

5 months - 3,600 euros

6 months - 4,320 euros

To these fees you have to add the prices for administrative procedures (see Fees section).

Medical students who want to enrol as visiting students to carry out clinical rotations must take into account the additionals requirements.