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Chancellor Coordinators and Directors


Director of the Publishing Service
Mr. Juan Manuel Guillem Mesado

Director of the Interdepartmental Research Service (SIDI)
Mr. Manuel Hernández Vélez

Director of the Arts and Folklore Museum

Director of Exchange Programmes along with Asia
Ms. Pilar Rodríguez Marín

Director of Exchange Programmes along with Africa
Mr. Francisco Javier Peñas Esteban

Director of Exchange Programmes along with Latin America
Mr. Juan Carlos Gimeno Martín

Director of Exchange Programmes along with USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Mr. José Luis Ucieda Blanco

Coordinator for Scientific Dissemination

Ms. Carmela Calés Bourdet

Coordinator for Teaching Laboratories
Mr. Basilio García Carretero

Coordinator for Access and Relations with Secondary and Vocational Training Centres
Mr. Carlos Javier de Carlos Morales

Coordinator for External Practical Work and Vocational Guidance
Ms. Susana Sánchez Ferro

Coordinator for Teaching Online and Teaching Innovation
Mr. Melchor Gómez García

Coordinator of the “Plaza Mayor” Project
Mr. Miguel Alfonso Martínez Navarro

Head of University Halls of Residence
Mr. Francisco Javier Cilleruelo Mateo

Coordinator for Community Services
D. Félix Marinas Jimeno

Coordinator for University Halls of Residence
Mr. Ricardo Nieto Muñoz

Coordinator for Health Science Matters
Mr. Julio Ancoechea Bermúdez

Director of the Equality Unit
Ms. Pilar Pérez Cantó

Director of the Scientific Computation Centre
Mr. Alberto Luna Fernández

Director of the Analysis and Monitoring Office
Ms. Ana Justel Eusebio

Representative for Research Matters
Ms. Mª Jesús Zamora Calvo