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The academic fees for the 2017/18 course will depend on the credits enrolled in. The price of credits is:

·         Undergraduate degree: 120 euros/credit

·         Postgraduate degree: 190 euros/credit

Administrative fees

The administrative fees (33.65 euros) must be added to the amount resulting from multiplying the number of credits by the price per credit. These fees include the creation of the academic record and the Secretarial costs.


Students who have been admitted must pay 350 euros as a pre-enrolment fee. This amount will be deducted from the total amount payable.

It must be paid fully in a single payment in cash or by bank transfer to the following account in Banco de Santander:

Beneficiary: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

IBAN: ES30 0049 1811 352110428820

Payment Details: [Name of student] Prematricula E. Visitante

Students should send a scanned copy of the transfer by e-mail to intercambios.uam@uam.es. Once it has been received, you will be sent the letter of admission.

The pre-enrolment fee will not be returned.