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Study Abroad at UAM

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Our new hybrid flexible programs for 2020:


Brush-up on your Spanish

24 August – 4 September  (4 ECTS) // Option A: in-person / Option B: online

Sign up for this intensive course, and give your Spanish a boost!

Brush-up on your Spanish with a special focus on tricky grammar points, learn colloquial expressions, take part in virtual walks through Madrid’s best neighborhoods and much more.

If you have an intermediate level (B1) of Spanish, sign up by July 25th 2020!

Course fee: 300.-€

Más información:  Brush-up on your Spanish Flyer (PDF)



Programa DiLe

14 September – 11 December (30 ECTS)

In these times of uncertainty, Study Abroad at UAM is happy to announce that we continue to offer our programs, making your health and well-being our priority.

The new DiLe Program accentuates flexibility and allows students to attend our courses in-person and/or online, depending on their needs.

The total duration of the program is less than 90 days, so NO student visa is required.

Tuition: 2800.-€ / semester

We understand that Study Abroad is about being abroad! We believe that this new Hybrid Flex program allows students to grow their global competence while staying safe, providing them with the flexibility to make Study Abroad in the fall a (virtual) reality.



Study Abroad at UAM

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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Edificio Plaza Mayor, Planta Baja
CP 28049, Madrid (Spain)

Tel. +34 91 497 3699

Coordinator: Anjouli Janzon (anjouli.janzon@inv.uam.es)

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