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Transfer of Knowledge

Links between the world of science, university teaching staff and the corporate sphere

The UAM General Foundation (FGUAM) is the institutional channel used by the UAM to promote links between the world of science, university teaching staff and the corporate sphere. The aim is to provide the latter with the benefits of the university's scope for R&D, the results of research work and acquired knowledge.

Thanks to university-business co-operation, businesses can increase their technological capacity by taking advantages of research and human resources provided by universities.

Universities and businesses or other institutions are no longer poles apart and bridging the gap is not an impossible task, rather, it is normal practice in neighbouring countries. FGUAM facilitates this necessary, productive co-operation, whose many advantages include:

  • Tax incentives.
  • Profitable exploitation of industrial property.
  • Increased market share. 
  • Improved competitiveness.
  • Development of new products and processes.
  • Development of bespoke technologies.
  • Broadening training.
  • Additional human resources.
  • Access to outstanding achievement networks
  • Access to large-scale scientific equipment.

The FGUAM represents the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid's in these matters and channels relations with companies and other socio-economic agencies. FGUAM's professionals are responsible for:

  • Facilitating contact with experts who can provide the knowledge a company needs.
  • Helping to draw up contracts and forms of collaboration between university and business.
  • Helping to find sources of public finance for collaboration activities undertaken.
  • Raising awareness of the range of knowledge and skills available for transfer to companies.
  • Managing university patents and their use by interested companies.
  • Providing a technical consultancy service on research, technological development and innovation.
  • Managing the training of students at companies as a practical complement to their studies.

Información y contacto

Vicerrectorado de Innovación, Transferencia y Tecnología vicerrectorado.innovacion@uam.es  
91 497 4748

91 497 8728/3931

91 497 34 51

91 116 99 40

91 000 0661