Psychology of Control Research Team
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What do we do

Definition and its measurement

Relationship with social order

Strategies utilized to obtain control

Impact of need of control on goal achievement

The need of control is inherent to every individual. It expresses on people' s desires and attempts to discover the unknown, predicting uncertain situations and establishing order on their chaotic environment. Among scholars, the need of control is often defined as our inherit motivation to manage and regulate events of our daily living.

Along these lines we will establish a
theoretical frame of work that will allow us:
  • To obtain an accurate measurement of theoretical construct
  • To identify the effects of control on individuals wellbeing
  • To identify issues that arise due to lack of control
  • To explore strategies that people utilize to face uncontrollable situations
This theoretical frame of work will be
useful since:
  • It will provide guidance to improve individual' s quality of life.
  • It will provide insight on how people could avoid or control risky situations.
  • It will identify efficient strategies that could allow individuals to regain balance and harmony with their environment
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