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Master's Degree in Biophysics

Máster Universitario en Biofísica

Living organisms are extremely complex and it is becoming more evident that significant progress in knowledge of these organisms require ideas and techniques from several disciplines. Until recently, Biochemistry was the tool most employed in order to make quantitative studies of the functioning mechanisms of the cell at molecular level. In the post-genomic era, however, the progress made in experimental techniques which were traditionally from the area of Physics and the accumulation of genomic and molecular data are making Biophysics a privileged discipline for understanding the function and organisation of the biological systems at different levels of complexity.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a campus which is ideal for interdisciplinary studies in Biophysics. Besides the current Degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Engineering, the campus also has several Centres and Institutes of the CSIC (Superior Council for Scientific Research) which collaborate in the Master, such as the National Biotechnology Centre (CNB) and the Molecular Biology Centre (CBM), the Madrid Institute of Advanced studies (IMDEA) in Nanoscience, the Science Park and several spinoff companies such as Nanotec and Biomol Informatics, which makes it possible to shape an attractive multidisciplinary programme with specialised highly qualified teaching staff. Added to these factors is the wide variety of vanguard research groups located in the Campus of the UAM, and involved in several areas related to Biophysics, which facilitates access to the Doctorate Programme.

The official syllabus of the Postgraduate Degree in Biophysics also has two Erasmus agreements signed with the Paris VII and Paris XI Universities, offering the possibility to do the End of Master Paper in one of these Universities.


The official syllabus of the Postgraduate Degree in Biophysics is composed of a Master (60 ECTS, to be completed in one academic year) and a Doctorate Programme. The Master in Biophysics is intended to teach the physical bases of the biological processes and the physical techniques used in their study, highlighting both the theoretical and experimental methodologies. Specifically, we offer the following:

  1. Complementary advanced subjects which will be taken by the students depending on their previous training in order to provide the knowledge of Biology and Biochemistry, or Physics and Mathematics, required to study the rest of the subjects in depth.
  2. The provision of a physical view of the fundamental biological processes at different levels of organisation (molecular, cellular and physiological).
  3. Providing the student with a knowledge of the most advanced experimental and computer techniques currently used in the study of the biological systems, with special emphasis on the practical, direct handling of the techniques and their application to specific problems.


The Master en Biophysics constitutes the official teaching phase, and has 60 ECTS credits divided into the following modules:

  1. Advanced Biophysics Module (10 ECTS).Methods of Physics and Mathematics in Biophysics.
  2. Methods of Biochemistry, Cellular and Genetic Biology.
  3. Techniques of Biophysics Module (14 ECTS). Experimental Techniques. Biocomputing. Image Analysis in Biophysics.
  4. Molecular Biophysics Module (7 ECTS). Macromolecular Interactions. Cellular Biophysics.
  5. Organisation of Biological Systems Module (9 ECTS). Developmental Biology. Neuroscience and Systems Biology.
  6. End of Master Paper (20 ECTS).

The classes will be face-to-face and may be taught in English. There will be tutorials and practical classes in experimental laboratories and Computer Rooms.
The Doctorate Programme requires a research paper which leads to the Doctoral Thesis. This can be done in any of the research groups ascribed to the Master, or in any group of the University or of a Public Research Organism in the area of Biophysics.

Student profile

Students of experimental sciences, health sciences or engineering.

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