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Spanish language and culture course for students

Groups of no more than 15 students.
Divided into a minimum of four levels, in accordance with the division of the Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes Institute) Syllabus Plan.
Level-based distribution is carried out by means of a classification examination which will be held in the morning of 2 July (and 30 July for those who only study the course in August), in which written expression, reading comprehension, grammar and lexicon will be tested, as well as a personal interview.
Distribution of the modules:
Spanish language or Spanish as a foreign language course module: A single module per level, with a single teacher. Students will study all the contents (communication, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and skills (oral expression, written expression, listening and reading comprehension). Four levels.
Grammar module: Although the corresponding grammar contents of the Spanish language module will be studied in class, in this module complex grammar-related problems and advanced contents of Spanish as a foreign language will be covered with the object of encouraging students to reflect on the course material and do independent work.
There will be three groups (intermediate, advanced and upper).
Spanish culture module:
  • Spanish literature.
  • Latin American literature.
  • History.
  • Geography.
  • Political institutions
  • Foreign policy and international relations.
  • Economy.
  • General culture (customs and behaviour in our society).
The subjects taught in these modules are complemented by small projects carried out by the students relating to the complementary activities.
Complementary module for beginner level: this module aims to satisfy the needs of those students with a lower level of Spanish who cannot therefore follow the Spanish culture module classes. It is designed as a support, self-learning and conversation class.
Complementary activities
We offer students the possibility of attending different cultural activities such as:
1. Cineforum (previously prepared and in which students must carry out activities accompanied by their teachers and using a work sheet).
2. Visits to the media.
3. City excursions.
4. Guided tours of museums and cultural centres.
5. Excursions outside the city.
Teaching Plan.
Course duration:
A1 (from 6 to 31 July) 80 teaching hours.
A2 (from 3 to 28 August) 80 teaching hours
Option B (from 6 July to 28 August) 160 teaching hours

Timetable: 9.30am - 1.45pm
Spanish Language Classes:  90 minutes per day - five days a week.
Grammar classes: 90 minutes per day - five days a week.
Lectures on Literature, History, Economy, Politics and Spanish culture in general: 1 hour per day.
Classes and lectures: mornings.
Complementary activities: evenings.

All teaching activities are carried out at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid will issue a diploma to those students who pass the final exams.