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Personal Docente e Investigador

Campos, Rebeca E.

Campos, Rebeca E.

Rebeca E. Campos is an Associate Professor in the Department of English Philology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). She earned a Ph.D. in Literary Studies at Complutense University of Madrid and was awarded the European Doctor honorary qualification. As part of her doctoral degree, she did a research stay at JFK Institute, at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and also at the University of Reading, in England, United Kingdom. In her dissertation, she studied the ways in which early twentieth-century Americanization discourses of femininity impeded eastern European Jewish immigrant women’s ability to fully adapt to American gender norms. This experience prompted her interest in the power relations produced by textual propaganda and the impact of such hegemonic gender roles on non-conforming gender realities. Since finishing her PhD, she has given various speeches and led workshops on the queer punk scene and literature in community centers, book stores, and other cultural or academic events. In the last years, she has also participated in several conferences on non-conforming gender narratives and queer activism. Her philological expertise involved having knowledge of a variety of histories and cultures within the United States and the United Kingdom, including African-American and Chicano literatures, other ethnic minorities and women’s narratives, and developing teaching interdisciplinary approaches. Her current research has a particular focus on the diversity of queer experiences portrayed in contemporary narratives and the ways in which these portrayals shape a new perspective from which to approach the concept of intersectionality in English Studies.


Áreas de especialización

Contemporary literature. Queer narratives. Women’s fiction. Gender and Sexuality Studies. Cultural linguistics. Fictional writings: Gothic and dystopian texts.

Líneas de investigación

The literary texts produced inside the queer-activist community. The impact of underground music on contemporary narratives. The relationship between fiction and body intertextuality.


Asignaturas impartidas

Asignaturas Impartidas

First Term:

17357 - Primera Lengua Moderna 3 (Inglés). Grupo 210.

17495 - Segunda Lengua I (Inglés). Grupo 110.

17615/ 17621 -  Idioma Moderno 1 (Inglés). Grupos 110 y 120.

Second Term:

17342 - Primera Lengua Moderna 2 (Inglés). Grupo 110.

17371 -  Primera Lengua Moderna 4 (Inglés). Grupo 210.

17507 - Segunda Lengua II (Inglés). Grupo 110.

17621 - Idioma Moderno 2 (Inglés). Grupo 110.

Horario de tutorías

Wednesdays 10:00-12:00 / Fridays 12:00-13:00



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