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Childcare practices among families of children less than 7 years old in Spain

Financiado por
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

Meil Landwerlin, Gerardo y Rogero García, Jesús


The main goal of this research project is to provide a global perspective on how the new generation of Spanish families take care of their children, identifying the different agents involved, the roles they perform, and the different caring models, the factors that shape them and the satisfaction levels that come with the project of family life. This work is framed, on the one hand, as part of the research line that the research coordinator has been developing in previous projects about explaining some of the most meaningful changes that have taken place within the family life of couples with kids in Spain. On the other hand, it also continues the research topics that this research team has followed on parental leaves and family dynamics, specifically on care practices. In this sense, the main objective is to provide a global view of some of the most relevant aspects of current family life. Together with this general view, we would also like to examine the following partial aspects: 1. The availability, accessibility and preferences of grand-parents, pre-school and other agents as child care providers. 2. The typology of existing combinations of agents for taking care of children and the different social factors of dependency; 3. The relationship of substitution or complementarity among the different care agents, such as fathers, grandparents and childcare; 4. The efficiency of the policy measures such as paternity leave to promote the implication of fathers in taking care of their children; and 5. The consequences that these policies might have on the satisfaction levels with the family life project.

  1. To analyse the availability, accessibility and preferences of different resources for balancing working and family lives
  2. To analyse different carers combination and the socioeconomic factors that are associated with them.
  3. To analyse the substitution or complementary relationship among different carers, in particular among fathers, grandparents and care centres.
  4. To analyse the efficacy of public policies promoting father´s involvement in childcare (in particular, paternity leave).
  5. To analyse the consequences of different care models on satisfaction with family live.

Prof. Gerardo Meil, Dr. Jesús Rogero (UAM), Dr. Pedro Romero (UAM), Dra. Daphne Muntañola (UAB), Dra M. Concepción Castrillo-Bustamante and Dr. Vicente Díaz Gandasegui (UC3).


Meil, G., Rogero-García, J. and Romero-Balsas, P (2018), Grandparents´ Role in Spanish Families. Work/Life Balance Strategies, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, vol. XLIX, 2, Spring, 163-177

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