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Master's Degree in Deep Learning for Audio and Video Signal Processing

Master's Degree in Deep Learning for Audio and Video Signal Processing (MUDLAVSP)

The Master's Degree in Deep Learning for Audio and Video Signal Processing:

  • Provides advanced training for researchers and professionals that require a high level of skills to design, implement and deploy Deep Learning algorithms.
  • The master's programme is oriented towards the applications of Deep Learning for acoustic and visual signals, being highly linked to Technology Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship actions. The programme allocates many hours to hands-on training designed to give you invaluable practical experience.
  • This master allows to start a research and innovation career in Deep Learning, also giving access to official doctorate programs (PhD).


Master's presentation


Recommemed profile

Given the international orientation of the master’s degree in Deep Learning for Audio
and Video Signal Processing, the admission profile is defined according to the required
knowledge instead of specifying bachelor’s degree requirements. Thus, the admission
profile to this master’s degree will correspond to the following candidates:

  1. Engineers or candidates in possession of a bachelor's degree in Engineering Areas related to ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), provided their degree programme contains at least the following contents: 
    1. 24 ECTS of mathematical fundamentals in calculus (12 ECTS), linear algebra (6 ECTS), probability and statistics (6 ECTS).
    2. 12 ECTS of programming in some high‐level language.
    3. 6 ECTS in signal processing
    4. 6 ECTS in machine learning
  2. Graduates in possession of an official degree equivalent to any of the above, either issued by a Spanish university or belonging to another member state of the European Higher Education Area, or so declared in accordance with the regulations of university studies in Spain. These applicants must certify a level of training equivalent to the requirements defined in the first case.
  3. Applicants who are in possession of degrees obtained in educational systems outside the European Education Area. These applicants must certify a level of training equivalent to the requirements defined in the first case.

More information:  Recommended Profile


Criteria for the admission process

The following criteria are defined for the selection process of the applicants to the
master’s degree in Deep Learning for audio and video signal processing:

  • Academic record in the degree allowing the access to this master [40‐60%]
  • Additional merits to the academic record included in the Curriculum Vitae of the applicant [10‐30%]
  • Adaptation of the applicant's profile to the contents and objectives of the master’s programme [10‐40%]

If needed, the Master's Academic Committee, or the members in which it may
delegate, can hold an interview with the applicants in order to accurately assess their
merits and the adequacy of their profile to the program.

More information:  Admission criteria



If you have any doubt about the Master's Degree, you can contact the Degree's coordinator using this email address: coordinador.master.dl4avs@uam.es. If you have doubts about the admission process, you can contact the Administration of the Escuela Politécnica Superior: administracion.eps@uam.es


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