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Master's Degree in Formal Methods and Computer Engineering

MSc in formal methods in computer science (inter-university program)

Software development is currently facing major challenges stemming from its pervasiveness in society. We depend on software that control devices, vehicles, banking transactions, medical devices, and many of our daily activities.

Traditional development methods cannot ensure the correctness of software programs, which is of vital importance if the software is critical (failure involves loss of life) or widely used. Formal methods are thus characterised by the use of mathematical techniques that guarantee that the software meets given requirements. Large companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft or Google are committed to the use of formal methods to improve the reliability of their products.

This master's degree provides comprehensive training in different types of formal methods, which confers the ability to apply mathematical methods to the rigorous resolution of computer problems.

The master's degree has both a professional and research focus. It is taught by the best specialists from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It consists of 60 ECTS credits, with a wide range of optional subjects (30 optional credits must be chosen). The preferred language of instruction is English and it is an access route to the doctoral programmes of all the three universities involved.


Master's degree presentation


Recommended entry profile

Graduates in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technologies and Information Systems, together with computer engineers from previous curricula, or equivalent qualifications, and double degrees of these degrees with the Degree in Mathematics. Graduates in Technical Engineering in Computer Management or Systems, or scientific or technological degrees, may also be admitted, with additional training complements. In addition, since the preferred language of instruction is English, a knowledge of English at B2 level is required to study this master's degree.


Access and admission

For information on access and admission procedures, follow this link.



If you have any doubts about the degree, you can contact the degree coordinator at the following address: coordinador.master.MetodosFormales@uam.es (Juan de Lara). If you have any doubts about access and admission to the degree, you can contact the Administration of the Escuela Politécnica Superior:  administracion.eps@uam.es


Other relevant links

Coordinating University: Universidad Complutense de Madrid https://www.ucm.es/estudios/master-mfingenieriainf

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