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Postdoc position ERC project UNBICAT

Estado de la convocatoria: Cerrado

Plazo de solicitud: Hasta el 10 de septiembre de 2018

The Research Catalysis Group Frontiers in Catalysis: FRONTCAT (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, is devoted to catalysis in three main different areas: organocatalysis, asymmetric metallic catalysis, and more recently we have started to contribute in the area of material catalysis. Currently, we are looking for a Postdoctoral researcher highly motivated who are interested in catalysis.
Research topic: The applicant will work on the development of new organocatalytic and photocatalytic reaction to synthetize important pharmaceutical active compounds.
Research Center: Science Faculty, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Starting Date and Term: The post is available starting from september 2018 for a fixed-term of 3 months.
Requirements: We seek outstanding researchers with Ph. D. in Organic chemistry and catalysis. Experience in anion-binding catalysis will be highly considered. Proficiency in written and spoken English are essential.

Organo Gestor y Contacto

Applications: A brief CV (maximum 2 pages) and one reference letter are required (email to Two contacting professors or researchers that know the candidate must be provided.