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Consults from crystallographic databases

Crystalline phase search with a powder difractogram Crystalline phase search with a powder difractogram

The powder diffraction pattern is the fingerprint of the crystalline structure of materials with some cristallinity. Making use of an appropriate software in combination with crystallographic databases it is possible to perform an identification of the crystalline phases of the sample.
The Polycrystal X-Ray Diffraction laboratory has the "High Score Plus" software and the "PDF-4+" crystallographic database, which is updated from the International Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD).


Operation of the laboratory


There are two options to make use of the crystallographic database service:

  1. PDF file acquisition. Users are allowed to consult and request the PDF files from the crystallographic database. Users should get in contact with the laboratory and fill an application form by way of @LIMS.
  2. Crystalline phases search. Users have to contact with the laboratory to reserve the date and fill an application form by way of @LIMS. The reserved date, they can make use of the software and crystallographic database located in the laboratory.


Laboratory staff and Contact

Noemí González Díaz (RTL)
Paula Ciria Fernández
Eberhardt Josué Friedrich Kernahan

Tel: 91 497 3858
Email: drxpolicristal.sidi@uam.es
Fax: 91 497 3529

Servicio Interdepartamental de Investigación
The International Centre for Diffraction Data - ICDD
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