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IT classrooms

Information Technology has a network of IT classrooms spread over all the Faculties and Schools; through these classrooms it offers help and support with IT to teachers and students wishing to use IT for their academic activities. Currently, there are 2650 computers installed in classrooms.

Aimed at

  • Administrative and Service Staff
  • Grant holders
  • Teaching and Research Staff

Subject matter

Apoyo a la Docencia

Help and Support

Grant holders in the IT classrooms

Descripción del servicio

In 1986, under the guidance of a group of teachers and IT service personnel, and with the aim of implementing CAL (Computer-Aided Learning), the first computer laboratories were created in different faculties. Since then, these IT classrooms have been known as "Aulas de Informática" (AdI). Over the years the IT classroom developed from a group of computer laboratories instigated by teachers to a service open to all students and available in all faculties, university schools and campus departments.

IT classrooms were created in all faculties, providing students and teachers the IT resources demanded by today's academic training: computers, printers, teaching software and high speed internet connection for access to on-line teaching.

In order to use the IT equipment users must submit a request and use the user name and password enabling them to work on the computer.

Printing is jointly financed: the University pays for the paper and student pay for ink cartridges. Printing prices were approved by the Social Board and are far below the cost of printing at home on a conventional printer.

Any teachers needed particular software to be permanently installed must submit a request and follow the installations protocol, as the computers are periodically reinstalled.

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