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Madrid Science Park (PCM)


The  Madrid Science Park (PCM) is conveniently located in the north of the Madrid Region,(see Location), one of the most active regions of Spain in research and development. Our institution is a decisive actor in the dynamisation of the regional R&D system. Its aim is to transform the scientific knowledge and the capacity for technological development of the region's agents into sustainable progress for the benefit of society.

Main activities
The tools which the Madrid Science Park uses to foster this knowledge transfer are basically the building of quality scientific and technological platforms and the creation and development of technologically innovative companies. While the Madrid Science Park is for general use, the main technological fields present are biosciences (biotechnology, biomedicine and agriculture); information technologies; new materials and nanotechnology; and the environment and renewable energies.

The Madrid Science Park is open to collaboration with all types of bodies, businesses and institutions, both Spanish and international, which share its philosophy and objectives.


Functional structure

Dep. Innovation, Transfer and Technology

Contact Details

Madrid Science Park
Campus de Cantoblanco
c/ Einstein, 13 - 1ª planta (Pab.C)
28049 - Madrid

Tel: (+34) 91 497 24 00 - Fax: (+34) 91 497 24 01