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Ethic Research Committee


The regulations contained in the many research funding calls demand that the projects involving research on human beings, the use of their personal data or of biological samples of human origin, animal testing or the use of biological agents or genetically modified organisms, must not only comply with the established requirements for each case with the regulations in force, but also to have express authorisation issued by the Research Ethics Committee of the Centre where the research is going to be carried out.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, in order to comply with this obligation and being aware of its responsibility towards society, constituted its own Research Ethics Committee, with the intention of providing a quick, effective answer to the current and future needs of scientific research developed in the University, regarding the protection of people's basic rights, the welfare of animals and the environment and the respect of the bioethical principles and commitments assumed by the scientific community and the University's regulations.

This website has been created as the REC's information site, a place to find out about its members, its Regulations and the project assessment protocols, as well as other documents or useful links. This website is, simultaneously, a way to access the Committees in other universities, through the Network of Spanish University Ethics Committees (RCEUE), of which UAM has been a part of from the beginning and to the regional, national and international regulations on the matter, as well as other activities and news that could be of interest in the research ethics area.

Work team

Research  Ethics Committee

Research Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Mr. Rafael Garesse Alarcón

Molecular Biology Centre “Severo Ochoa” (UAM-CSIC)
Mr. Carlos Alonso Bedate

Molecular Biology Department,
Faculty of Science
Mr. José Mª Carrascosa Baeza

Head of the Veterinary Board,
Faculty of Medicine
Ms. Carmen Fernández Criado

Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department,
Faculty of Medicine
Mr. Jesús Frías IniestaAnthropology and Spanish Philosophical

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Mr. Carlos Giménez Romero Agricultural Chemistry, Geology and Geochemistry

Faculty of Science
Mr. Jerónimo López Martínez

Head of the Veterinary Board
Molecular Biology Centre
Mr. Javier Palacín Urquijo

Biologic and Health Psychology Department,
Faculty of Psychology
Mr. Fernando Peláez del HierroPublic Law and Philosophy of Law

Faculty of Law
Mr. Enrique Peñaranda Ramos

Biology Departmento,
Faculty of Science
Mr. Carlos Sentís Castaño

Philosophy Department,
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Mr. José Mª Zamora Calvo

Administrative office:
Head of the Work Risk Prevention
Ms. Isabel Martínez Cabañas

Main activities

The REC meets regularly to assess the research projects submitted to the many calls and invitations, and to issue the reports established by the regulations. It is also in charge of watching over the compliance with good research practices and to prepare reports for the governing bodies on ethical problems regarding research and teaching.

Contact Details

Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office for Science Libraries and Promotion
Edificio del Rectorado, entreplanta 4ª
Tel: 91 497 4748 / 5051

Secretary of the CEI:
Edificio del Rectorado, entreplanta 3ª
Tel: 91 497 4008
e-mail: comite.eticainvestigacion@uam.es

Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
C/ Einstein, 3
28049 Madrid