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Service: "Mineralogy Museum"


This museum is fundamentally educational and university oriented, although its beautiful modern setting and the quality and representativeness of some of its specimens mean that it is deserving of the attention of collectors and enthusiasts. It shows, simply and accessibly, the formation, crystallisation and uses of each mineral, as well as some special properties such as luminescence, aspects which are attractive enough to encourage us to see and enjoy them.

The museum was opened in 1971. The initiative to create it came from Julio Rodríguez Martínez, Professor of Mineralogy. The museum's holdings come largely from the work of collecting and exchanging specimens of the professors of  the UAM Faculty of Sciences over time. Professor María Asunción Millán is the present head of the museum, managing it and studying new specimens. It includes collections of minerals, classified according to their chemical composition, and glazed cases against the walls with exhibition specimens from all over the world.

Work team

Director: María Asunción Millán Chegoyen.
Faculty of Sciences (Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Geology and Geochemistry: module C-VI, 4th floor).
Telephone: 91 497 41 32 and 91 497 48 00.

Fax: 91 497 49 00.
e-mail: museo.mineralogia@uam.es

Main activities


Visiting times: Thursday 10:30 to 14:30 (an appointment is advised).
Guided tours by the museum staff for groups.

Leaflet about the museum (published by the Vice-Chancellor's Office for Culture).

Functional structure

Dep. University Extension and Scientific Dissemination

Contact Details

It is on the fourth floor of building C-VI of the Faculty of Sciences of UAM and can be visited by anyone who wishes to do so.