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Physical Education and Sports Service



  • To offer a varied and high quality physical and sporting practices to all the university staff and students.
  • To promote the concept of the physical and sporting practice as a training element for health and well-being by increasing the number of people playing sports at the University.
  • To reinforce the institutional image by improving sports results and promoting solidarity principles and fair play which should be characteristic of university sport.
Main activities

Sport Clubs:

  • We offer more than 30 sport clubs.
  • The most activities last for a four-month period, although there are some exceptions which you can find in the timetable.

Leisure Activities:

  • Water activities: Canoeing, Sailing, White Waters Rafting, Rafting, Diving, Canyoning.
  • Land activities: Horse riding, Climbing, Potholing, Winter Mountaineering, Cross-country Skiing, Orienteering, Mycology, Ornithology, Stargazing, Multiadventure, Strategy games...
  • Air sports: Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Parachuting, Hot Air Ballooning.
  • Others: Survival Courses, Trips, Excursions, etc.

Other Courses and Activities:

  • Promotion campaigns , conferences, workshops…
  • Intensive Courses (RACE, Tango, Sport Photography)
  • Summer Activities

Sport Competitions:
Internal Competitions:

  • Team Sports: Football, Indoor Football, Basketball, Rugby…
  • Individual Sports: Chess, Swimming, Martial Arts, Tennis, Table Tennis…

External Competitions:

  • University Competition
  • Affiliated Competition

Functional structure

Dep. University Extension and Scientific Dissemination

Contact Details

Information: 91 497 85 25 / 91 497 64 11