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Office for Solidarity and Co-operation


The Office for Solidarity and Co-operation, is part of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office for Institutional Relations and Co-operation. It was created in October 2002 as the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid's institutional commitment to effectively organise any activities undertaken for the sensitization, training and promotion of values and attitudes, based on co-operation, solidarity and justice, thus constituting a reference point in this field for the entire university community, while remaining open to other entities, bodies and groups. The Office is, in addition, a meeting point for listening to and receiving any
suggestions that students, teachers and administrative and service staff may want to make, while maintaining its own, very defined line of work, intervention and action.

Work teams

Our Work Team

Main activities

Objectives of the Office for Solidarity and Co-operation

  1. To provide the tools and mechanisms needed to channel the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid's commitment as an institution with a social responsibility.
  2. To develop and promote its own university policy in the area of solidarity, university co-operation for development and care for the disabled.
  3. To guarantee a stable institutional structure that should become a reference point for the demands and concerns of the University community in the field of solidarity, generating the necessary spaces for debate and reflection.
  4. To increase the participation and sensitisation of the University community towards initiatives related with solidary action, equal opportunities, sustainable human development, the encouragement of critical thinking and the creation of a culture of peace and tolerance.
  5. To represent and ensure the presence and participation of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in local and international forums and meetings, as a socially committed university institution.
  6. To co-ordinate and propose initiatives, actions and projects related to teaching, training and research, which should let the university show itself as a plural institution committed to solidarity .
  7. To guarantee the development of the current legislation and the commitments entered into as a university, in the care of students with disabilities, in university co-operation to development matters (CUD), in the promotion of university voluntary work, etc.
  8. To develop a model of action to encourage networking with other universities and the relations with other public and private institutions working under the same objectives.

Contact Details

Office for Solidarity and Co-operation
Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office for Institutional Relations and Co-operation
Edificio Rectorado, 1st floor,
c/ Einstein, n° 3
Campus de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid

Telephone and Fax: +34 91 497 76 02
E-mail:  iniciativa.solidaria@uam.es
Web:  www.uam.es/oficinasolidaria