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Centre for Applied Psychology


The Centre for Applied Psychology (C.P.A.) is a Centre in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, created in 1998 to provide psychological care, research and training towards the psychological solution of various problems (clinical and health problems, group and organisation problems, educational problems, etc.).
The work in the centre is

Comprehensive: it undertakes, in a coordinated manner, caregiving, training, development and research objectives, related to the application of psychology in various areas and contexts (clinical and health psychology, organisational psychology, for communities, in education, etc.);

Integrating: the Center promotes, channels and co-ordinates initiatives that can be of interest for:

  • students, teachers and administrative and service staff, all of whom are part of our University community (and their families);
  • the UAM Faculty of Psychology's research heads and teams, and those from other similar University centres;
  • the UAM governing and managing bodies, and its Centres and Services, and
  • in general, the population and institutions in our area (in particular, those in the municipalities near U.A.M. and the Madrid Region).

Competitive: the Centre offers programmes and services adapted to various needs and demands, which are highly efficient from a technical and scientific point of view.

Innovative: the Centre capitalises on the training and know-how of teachers and researchers in the U.A.M. Faculty of Psychology, as well as other experts and professionals, and creates, when developing each project, research teams including teachers and professionals from other departments, universities or institutions, which enhances their innovational capacity.

Work team

Director: Juan Botella Ausina (Professor in the Social Psychology and Methodology Department) U.A.M

Clinical-Caregiving Area Co-ordinator: Julia Sebastián Herranz (Senior Lecturer in the Biologic and Health Psychology Department) U.A.M

Clinical-Training Area Co-ordinator: Marina Muñoz Rivas (Senior Lecturer in the Biologic and Health Psychology Department) U.A.M

Neurocognitive and Developmental Alterations Area Co-ordination: Mercedes Belinchón Carmona (Senior Lecturer in the Basic Psychology Department) U.A.M

Economic and Administrative Secretary: Rocío Moreno García

Clinical Area Supervisor: Carlos Passi Capdeville

Clinical Secretaries: Víctor Daniel Blanco Roa and Carmen Fernández Navarro

Main activities

Clinic Area Consultancy Activities

General Consultancy for Adults:
This area is addressed to those people who need orientation and specialised help for psychological problems such as adaptation, etc. This service covers aspects such as anxiety, depression, difficulty with interpersonal relationships, family or couple problems, stress-related problems, phobias, etc.
Consultancy on Self-image and Eating Disorders: This is addressed to those people who need orientation and specialised help for self-image problems, such as being unsatisfied with their own looks or figure, or how to regulate healthy eating habits, or compulsive exercising, etc.
Orientation and Intervention Counselling in Sexual Problems:
This service deals, in individual or couple sessions, and with a maximum of session depending on the problem, the difficulties pointed out by the patient in this area (sexual dysfunctions, relationship problems, sexual orientation, etc.). This service is free. The assistance can also be given by phone or e-mail.

Group Intervention Programmes: 

  • Anxiety control before exams
  • Difficulty speaking in public 
  • Social skills training 
  • Self-esteem improvement training 
  • Relaxation and stress control tecniques
  • Emotional regulation workshop

ON-LINE Therapeutic Programmes:

  • On-line stop smoking programme.
  • On-line stress control and management in the work environment.
  • On-line weight control programme, “CON-FIGURA-TE”.

Clinic Area Training Activities

Short Training Courses:

  • Personality disorders: characteristics, assessment and psychological treatment.
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation for people with serious mental disorders
  • Pychological intervention in drug addicts.
  • Gender violence: abuse detection, intervention and prevention.

Continuous training and refresher course:

  • Psychosocial intervention in crisis situations, emergencies and disasters (UAM degree, in collaboration with Spanish Red Cross)

Postgraduate Studies

  •  UAM Master's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Psychology

Neurocognitive and developmental disorders Area Consultancy Activities

Consultancy for Children and Teenagers:
This is addressed at those people who would like assessment, diagnosis and orientation regarding behaviour, development and learning problems in children and teenagers. Some of the problems this Consultancy Service can deal with include language problems, disruptive behaviour in the family or at school, teenage problems, learning difficulties, etc.

Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation Consultancy:
The purpose of this Consultancy is the assessment and rehabilitation of people with neuropsychological and functional disorders to assess, diagnose and if possible, rehabilitate the cognitive damage.

Williams Syndrome Unit
The purpose of this Consultancy is the diagnosis and orientation for people affected by Williams Syndrome and their families. This unit also provides counselling for professionals, teachers and researchers.

Neurocognitive and developmental disorders Area Training Activities

Short Training Courses:

  • Intervention models and contexts for children with language development disorders.
  • Use of augmentative systems for intervention: practical application in clinical intervention on children with language development disorders.
  • Current trends in definition, explanation, detection, diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).
  • Characteristics of psychological functioning in persons with Williams syndrome.

Non-Clinical Area
Training Activities

Short training courses: Beginning with Psychology.

Other activities:

Psychology Applied to Sports Unit (UPAD):

This unit was created to provide an answer to the growing demand from the sports and physical training area in the last few decades. Its main objectives are supported by four basic pillars: the sports person, the trainers, the environment and the sports clubs and entities themselves.

  • General Consultancy for Sports People.
  • General Consultancy for Trainers.
  • General Consultancy for Sports Clubs and Entities.
  • Consultancy and training for external agents related to the sports person: parents, managers and referees/umpires.


Neurocognitive and developmental disorders area (disabilities)

Project: APÚNTATE (Universitary support for life at home, leisure and spare time, addressed at people with autism spectrum disorders and their families). 8th year. Sponsor:
Caja Madrid Social Project.
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: Mercedes Belinchón

Project: Psycho-pedagogical assessment in the Tres Olivos School.
Sponsor: Dales la Palabra Foundation.
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: Mercedes Belinchón

Project: Second part for the Study on Health Indicators in Mentally Disabled People.
Sponsor: Confederation in favour of the Mentally Disabled People (FEAPS)
Duration: 2008-2009 Head of the project
: Mercedes Belinchón

Project: Preparation of the UAM-FEAPS Sponsored Chair on Developmental Disabilities Project.Sponsor
: Caja Madrid Foundation
Collaborating Entities: Confederation in favour of Mentally Disabled People (FEAPS)
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: Mercedes Belinchón

Project: Needs Assessment for the Cadiz Autism Association.
Sponsor: Provincial Association of Family Members of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders -AUTISMO CÁDIZ-.
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: Mercedes Belinchón

Non Clinical Area

Project: Technical Co-ordinatin of the FGUAM
Quality Plan Sponsor: FGUAM
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: Jesús de Miguel.

Project: Methodological Counselling for the R&D Project “The learning potential as a predicting factor in the course of cognitive damage.
Duration: 2010
Head of the project: Juan Botella Ausina

Project: Methodological Counselling for the R&D&I Project “Monitoring ELEA”.
Duration: 2010
Head of the project: Juan Botella Ausina

Project: Informal care of dependent elderly people. A gender-based study
Sponsor: IMSERSO
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: María Izal

Project: Co-ordination in the design of a action protocol for the detection and intervention in domestic abuse towards the elderly.
Sponsor: Official College of Psychologists of Madrid.
Duration: 2009-2010 Head of the project
: María Izal

Contact Details

Centre for Applied Psychology
c/ Iván. P. Pavlov, 6. 28049 Madrid.
Campus de Cantoblanco, Faculty of Psychology.

Tel. 91.497.8687/4062,
e-mail: cpa@uam.es