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Cafeterias and Dining Halls

Cafetería y Comedores Description

The university has a general self-service canteen on the first floor of the University Services Pavilion (B). It seats about 300 people. You can also order from a menu with waiter service in an adjacent dining room. On the ground floor there is a Cafeteria/Pizzeria, offering a pizza delivery service everywhere on the UAM campus until about 17:00.

In each of the faculties and in the Vice-Chancellor's Office and sports pavilion there is a cafeteria (in some cases, two) which also provides simple hot dishes and/or fixed price meals.
The cafeterias are open from 8:00 to 20:00, while the self-service canteen is open from 13:00 to about 16:30.

A kiosk recently opened between the car-parks of the Faculty of Psychology and the Vice-Chancellor's Office, which is open from approximately 9:00 to 21:00.

Main activities

Operation plans
All UAM Cafeterias/Restaurants must offer varied menus according to season, with a predominance of foods typical of the Mediterranean diet. They must also offer vegetarian and special diet menus and fair trade products.
The oils used will be extra virgin olive oil for dressing salads, vegetables and toast, and other good quality olive or vegetable oils for cooking and frying, but in no case edible synthetic olein oils.

Quality Control
The university carries out regular quality control on this service, with bromatological analysis and surveys on the level of user satisfaction. The aim of these Controls is to continuously improve the Service provided by the UAM Cafeterias and Canteens. The Bromatological analyses are intended to:

  • Find out the possible effects of different food preparation processes and treatments on micro-organisms.
  • Detect, quantify and identify micro-organisms in foods, both those which cause illnesses in the consumer and those which may alter foods and be involved in processes or desirable changes.
  • Apply techniques of detection, quantification and identification of micro-organisms and/or their toxins to foods.
  • Apply techniques of detection, quantification and identification of other organisms and compounds present in foods which may cause problems to the consumer.
  • Know and control the microbial functions which are useful in food preparation.
  • Know and control the factors which will influence the quality of foods.

The UAM Vice-Chancellor's office for Campus and Environmental Quality every year commissions the applied psychology centre to carry out a survey to evaluate the opinion of users on the level of quality offered by the university's cafeterias and canteens.
This study establishes the current perception of users of the quality of the service received, and the differences in evaluation obtained in each of them. The study is also intended to determine which factors or aspects of the service are related to the differences in user opinion; another objective is to establish which aspects of the service are to be a priority when improving the Service for users.

Pizzeria Service
There is a pizza delivery service on the Cantoblanco campus of UAM, through the cafeteria in Pabellón B. The pizzas are delivered by bicycle for greater speed and respect for the environment.
If you want a pizza anywhere on campus, you need only ring 91 497 41 48 and make an order.
See what types of Pizza you can order.

Contact Details

Cafeterias and Canteens

Philosophy and Arts
Tel: 91 497 4337

Tel: 91 497 8028

Tel: 91 497 5178

Tel: 91 497 4599

Tel: 91 497 4347

Tel: 91 497 8352

Pabellón B
Tel: 91 497 4995

Tel: 91 497 4637

School of Engineering
Tel: 91 497 2423

Sports pavilion
Tel: 91 497 4182

Teacher training
Tel: 91 497 4347

Philosophy and Arts, small
Tel: 91 497 4106

Tel: 91 497 5421