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Office of Studies and Institutional Evaluation


The mission of the Office of Studies and Institutional Evaluation (GEEI) consists in carrying out the evaluation and quality control activities entrusted to it by the governing team, focusing mainly on the quality of teaching and the activity of the teaching staff, as well as on conventional activities in support of teaching such as automated marking of examinations.

Work team

Ester Alonso Velasco, 91 497 3884

Secretary and webmaster
Montserrat Llorente Márquez, 91 497 4463

Evaluation of teaching internships and quality assurance

Rosa Rubio Llorente, 91 497 4698
Karina Retamal Soto, 91 497 4696

Degree surveys
Paz Cadahía Sánchez, 91 497 5295
Francisco Javier Chavero Carrasco, 91 497 5294

Postgraduate quality and support for new projects
Sara Durán Gómez, 91 497 3165
Cristián Soto Pérez, 91 497 6917

Statistics, optical reading and survey certificates
Francisco Javier Chavero Carrasco, 91 497 5294

Main activities

To fulfil its mission, the office carries out a number of projects on its own or in co-ordination with other units or evaluation agencies, specifically in the following areas:

  • In-house programmes to survey opinions of interested parties, such as surveys of teaching activity in EHEA degree subjects or the overall evaluation procedure for official master's degree programmes. Deriving from these programmes, new activities arise, such as the certification of survey results for processes of accreditation of the teaching staff for ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain) and ACAP (Quality, Accreditation and Planning Agency for the Madrid Universities).
  • Programmes linked to ANECA, such as the programme for the Identification and Evaluation of Teaching Internships, in the context of ANECA's DOCENTIA programme, and future accreditation processes for qualifications.
  • Participation in inter-centre working groups for the design and implementation of curriculum quality assurance systems.
  • Tasks connected with support for teaching and research, through the services of examination marking and optical reading of data (research, entrance examinations and internal university studies).
  • Development of new projects of institutional interest, such as the new ENWES platform for online surveys, in collaboration with Information Technology and the SIGMA-AIE corporation.

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Human Resources and Organisation

Contact Details

Office of Studies and Institutional Evaluation,
Calle Einstein 3, Vice-chancellor's office,
5th floor,
Cantoblanco Campus,
28049 Madrid, Spain.
Tel: +34 914974463
Fax: +34 914973181