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Maintenance Service


The Maintenance Service is in charge of keeping the infrastructure, buildings and facilities of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in optimal working condition

Work team


Soledad Escobosa. -914 974299- soledad.escobosa@uam.es

Specialist Technicians:

José Utrero Arroba- jose.utrero@am.es

Francisco Ramón López Real- franciscoramon.lopez@uam.es

Carlos Blanco Ayuso- carlos.blanco@uam.es

Rodrigo Martín Izquierdo- rodrigo.martin@uam.es

Cecilio Moreno Nogales- cecilio.moreno@uam.es

Fabián Bautista Izquierdo- fabian.bautista@uam.es

Arturo Ruiz Sánchez- arturo.ruiz.sanchez@uam.es

Emilio Monforte Díaz- emilio.monforte@uam.es

Jesús Meléndez Terrado- jesus.melendez@uam.es

Pedro Sánchez Benítez- pedro.benitez@uam.es

Lorenzo Cabellos Sánchez- lorenzo.cabellos@uam.es

Rufino Leal Cabrera- rufino.leal@uam.es

Angel Rodríguez Mora- angel.mora@uam.es

Javier Díaz Alonso- javier.diaz@uam.es

Mª Angeles Maestre Plaza- angeles.maestre@uam.es

Manuel Bachiller Ginés- manuel.bachiller@uam.es

Vicente Lauzurica Gómez- vicente.lauzurica@uam.es

Facilities Technician:

Félix Suárez de Tangil -914973986 - felix.suarez@uam.es

Industrial Engineering Technician:

Rosario Córdoba -91 497 89 21- rosario.cordoba@uam.es

Industrial Engineer:

Iván Orozco -91 497 39 59- ivan.orozco@uam.es

Head Architect:

Miguel San Millán -914974396- miguel.sanmillan@uam.es

Service Contractor


Technical Conditions Dossier

Administration Service Contractor:

Gregoria Barrio -914974451- gregoria.barrio@uam.es

Service Contractor Manager

Julio Rubiano - 91 497 42 82-91 497 28 16- julio.rubiano@uam.es

Main activities

The Maintenance Service works to ensure that the infrastructure, buildings and facilities of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid are maintained throughout their useful lives in optimal working condition. Its objective is to ensure the comfort of users in the various spaces of this university.

It resolves any incident which may arise, avoiding interruptions to the teaching, research or administrative activities of the university and maintains the facilities, buildings and estate in accordance with current regulations.The type of work
is classified according to the characteristics of the intervention into:

  • CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE: repairs to buildings and facilities in the event of any defect or failure.
  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Aims to prevent breakdowns by conducting programmed periodic checks. In this way we avoid future defects or failures in buildings and facilities.
  • MODIFICATIONS OR IMPROVEMENTS TO BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES: Modification to spaces and facilities to adapt building systems to users' needs.
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: The Maintenance Service provides technical assistance to resolve problems in its field of action. The team of technicians co-operates in seeking solutions and oversees work executed by outside companies.

Statistics of maintenance activity by building and speciality: 2007, 2008

Functional structure


Contact Details

Maintenance Service
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
C/ Marie Curie, unnumbered 28049 Madrid

The Maintenance Service intervenes whenever a user fills in a Work Form

Telephone: 914 974299
• Fax:          914 972816