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Centre of Continuous Training


In the university's general lines of action approved in the senate in June 2008, it was established that there is a need to strengthen continuous training within the university by diversifying the range of UAM qualifications available in order to attract a broad range of students. European universities consider lifelong learning to be one of the pillars of the knowledge society.

Continuous training needs to be closely linked to the fundamental areas of activity of the university: research, teaching and innovation.
In order to bring the different continuous training initiatives taking place at the university together under one umbrella the UAM Centre of Continuous Training has been created. The academic management of the centre is carried out by the deputy vice-chancellor with continuous training responsibilities or a person delegated by the vice-chancellor. The Centre's Academic Commission is incumbent on the Commission of Postgraduate Studies and Continuous Training. The centre is entitled to an advisory board made up of external experts, at the suggestion of the Commission.

Work team

Ballesteros Martínez, Mª Ángeles
UAM studies

Juanco Pedregal, Marta
UAM studies

Miguel Izquierdo, Gemma
UAM studies

Main activities

The Centre of Continuous Training (hereafter referred to as CFC) must supervise the academic management of UAM courses and continuous training courses delivered by the university and must ensure correct financial management.

Academic management.
The centre regulates the creation of new qualifications, studies and analyses possible social needs, evaluates the academic offer, provides administrative information to the developers of new qualifications, is responsible for the legislative co-ordination and the processing and monitoring of agreements.
With regard to the development and updating of qualifications, it supports external information and diffusion, including promotion via the institutional website, and, as far as possible, the homogeneity of publicity. It manages student registration activities.
In collaboration with the responsible bodies, the centre deals with student admissions and the prior admission of foreign students.
It receives, analyses and monitors annual reports and sets up the quality assessment process for UAM qualifications.

Financial management.
During the creation of a new qualification, the CFC will supervise the drafting of the budget and the economic viability of this. In financial management the provisions laid out in chapter six of the regulations will be followed.

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Studies and University Extension

Functional structure

Dep.Postgraduate Studies

Contact Details

Centre of
Continuous Training Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, n° 2
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 – Madrid
Telephone: 91 497 5538
Email:  estudios.propios@uam.es
Opening hours for students: Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 17:00 and Friday 9:00 to 14:00