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Service: "Museum of the School of Engineering"


The Museum of Information Technology and Telecommunications of the School of Engineering of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a space for bringing together the past and the present and imagining the future. While containing the history of information and telecommunications technology, it is very much a ''live'' place. This space has been cultivated and cared for by students and teachers of the School, and is used essentially as a teaching aid.

The museum aims to discover who has done what in IT and telecommunications, from a human perspective. It opens its doors to show the advances made in these techniques and their impact, with a view to helping society understand the importance of science and technology, their history and how they have influenced our daily lives. The exhibition includes pictures giving an insight into the lives of some of the personalities in the world of IT and telecommunications.

The museum aims to give a clear, precise and at the same time enjoyable view of technology's thrilling, dizzy progress by including the people who have made it possible. Using an educational and informative approach, its shows certain aspects of the world of IT and telecommunications based on the milestones marking its development: technology and the people who thought of the inventions, in both hardware and software.

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The museum is located in the Management area of Building A, and on the fourth floor of building B of the UAM School of Engineering. Admission if free for anyone wishing to visit it.