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Study Abroad

UPP – University Prep Program

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The best way to prepare your academic future in Spain

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) is a top ranked university with a beautiful campus in the north of Madrid.  In order to encourage international students to study in Spain, we created the University Prep Program, an intensive Spanish language and culture program (January – July) for incoming international students who wish to study an undergraduate or graduate degree in Spain.

Through the UPP, international students will drastically improve their Spanish language skills, understand the Spanish university system as well as begin to interact with local students and build a lasting network in Madrid.

Our language courses follow a communicative approach and are taught by experts in the acquisition of Spanish as a second language. 

The UPP is divided into two parts:

  • Parte I > Intensive Spanish (language and culture)
  • Parte II > Spanish for Academic Purposes (using Spanish in a university context)

After completing the UPP, students who started with a beginner level of Spanish can reach a high intermediate level. 

Tuition: 5600.- €

Room and board as well as transportation is not included.

For more information, please write to


Study Abroad at UAM - Location and opening hours

Head of Study Abroad at UAM: Anjouli Janzon (

Coordinator: Leila Rakib


Telephone: +34 91 497 3699

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