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(PDI) Call for proposals – Hub 2 Society, Culture, Heritage


(PDI) Call for proposals – Hub 2 Society, Culture, Heritage

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Call for Proposals for CIVIS Hub 2 Activities: Society, Culture and Heritage

[The deadline for this call is the 30th of June]


CIVIS Hubs are “academic collaboration spaces” to develop multinational and multi-disciplinary educational and research offers. They will be offering joint degrees, innovative learning practices and blended mobility at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels, multidisciplinary research programs as well as public and/or private partnerships.

CIVIS Hubs will remain at the forefront of civic engagement, maintaining the “challenge-based” approach to ensure that the European Universities remain relevant and useful to society, addressing new challenges as they arise. 

CIVIS Hubs will support academics willing to contribute to tackle these challenges together with other European colleagues and involve respective staff, faculty and researchers of the 9 member universities to work in multidisciplinary teams to develop joint degrees, educational programs and research projects, using innovative pedagogies.

During the first phase of the CIVIS Alliance, Hubs will be developing a network of collaborations, which will be strategized during the consolidation phase. 

CIVIS Hubs will provide you access to a network of motivated lecturers and researchers from CIVIS universities ready to revolutionize the current higher education system and contribute to our societal challenges. The added value of being part of CIVIS Hubs means being included in nests of innovative educational programs linked to research and innovation, to address issues from a multidisciplinary and complementary perspective and to develop high-level and multidisciplinary research collaborations. 

HUB 2 SOCIETY, CULTURE, HERITAGE – Call for Activities 

You will find below the first Call for activities launched by Hub 2 ‘Society, Culture, Heritage’. 

We welcome proposals for activities relevant to the Hub’s themes. With the Hubs building up a framework for research-driven and challenge-based joint educational activities, our objective is to foster synergies among education and R&I (research and innovation).

Proposed activities can, for example, include courses, summer schools, workshops, semesters, project supervision and research exchanges. The activities could include training & research projects with students as well as workshops/meetings of academic staff to develop future joint activities.

At least one joint and interdisciplinary educational program shall be established within the Hub by the end of 2022 (‘joint and interdisciplinary educational programs’ could be CIVIS modules, CIVIS Micro-programs* or multilateral M.A. programs**, that can be built on existing joint degree programs between CIVIS partners). 

We welcome proposals based on two types of initiatives: 

  • Activities which are “ready to go” provided that they comply with the “must be fulfilled” criteria below. For these activities we can offer CIVIS branding, networks and support as well as student and staff mobilities.
  • Activities which are at the “planning stage”. These are activities for which planning is needed for implementation of joint teaching projects within the next academic year***. For these activities we can offer CIVIS networks and support as well as staff mobilities so that members can meet (virtually or physically) to exchange ideas. 

Proposals must be submitted using the APPLY-button (you can temporarily save your application at any time before submitting). 

If you need support for finding partners or guidance on CIVIS approach, please contact the Hub 2 Council members at your university or the chairpersons of the Hub 2 Council:

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

  • Javier Salido:
  • Marta Sandoval Mena:

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