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On the company

Frequently asked questions

May I do an internship in any company?
Company internships must be performed in a company or institution that collaborates with the UAM in the framework of a Collaboration Agreement for Educational Cooperation. These agreements are regulated by Royal Decree 1497/1981, of June 19, with Article 2 modified by Royal Decree 1845/1994, of September 9 on Educational Cooperation Programmes.

If the student wishes to do an internship in a company that does not have a Collaboration Agreement with the UAM, the Agreement should be formalized in advance according to the regulations in effect and following the established procedure. (For more information, see Procedure for requesting and selecting students under “Information for companies.”)

Both professors and students may propose that companies and institutions formalize agreements, although the Faculty reserves the right decide whether to underwrite the agreement after evaluating the  Application for interns 

How do I contact companies to do an internship?
There are several ways to contact companies:

  • Through the Faculty: by submitting your Curriculum Vitae (CV)   and a copy of your receipt of registration to the Internship Office by e-mail at practicas.economicas@uam.es.  The Office sends your CV to companies who request student interns. The companies then contact you for interviews and make the choice they consider best. By submitting a CV, the student authorizes the Office to provide information about him/her to the companies who request the Office for student interns.
  • Through the Employment guidance and information centre (Pavilion B); the FUAM (Pavilion C) or the FUE (c/ Serrano Jover 5). In any of these cases, you must follow the guidelines indicated in each place for finding an internship company and must formalize the Agreement with them. IMPORTANT: If you want to receive credit for the internships handled by these organisms, you must, at the start of the internship, come to the Faculty’s Internship Office to receive information and submit the completed Application for recognition of credits. You must also confirm that the Internship Office has received a copy of the Agreement with the company in which you will perform the internship. This is a crucial requirement for recognition of credits.
  • Through your own initiative: proposing a training project on which you have agreed with a company you have already contacted to the Faculty’s Internship Office. The Internship Office then provides the information needed and the  Application for an Intern to formalize the internship. The Faculty reserves the right to decide whether to underwrite the Agreement with the company based on prior evaluation and analysis of the internship proposed.

What is my labour relationship with the company?
The relationship of students to the company is covered in the Agreement for Educational Cooperation underwritten in advance by the University and the company. This agreement explicitly exempts the company from any contractual obligation or responsibility to the students. The agreement also establishes that students are covered by the student insurance policy included in their registration (for students under 28 years of age) during the internship period. If the student is not covered by the Student Insurance policy, he or she must indicate this on the internship application.

Payment of the student intern
Although not required, it is common practice and highly recommended that the company give the student some economic aid, either scholarship or stipend.

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