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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y EmpresarialesFacultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales

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Advantages for Companies


Collaboration with the business world always means added value for society, since it provides students with an initial professional experience and an enviable position from which to enter the labour market.

The internships that students perform in their centre give companies an excellent way to focus their process of hiring employees for specific tasks that require not necessarily previous experience but a valuable period of instruction and training. Internships enable the firm to provide students with this training under conditions advantageous to both. Throughout the internship period, the company can confirm the student’s capacity to learn, adapt to its procedures and integrate into its human resources team. Company internships also help professionals to determine the really high potential of university students.

Companies collaborate actively and play an important role in training future unversity graduates, thereby helping to achieve better social integration of University Centers.


The relationship between the company and the student intern
According to the regulations in effect, performing internships does not involve any official labour relationship between company and student. The relationship between the two is formalized by signing a collaboration agreement (Convenio Marco) between the UAM and the company. This agreement exempts the company from any contractual obligation or responsibility to the students.

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