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Hardware resources

Tier2 UAM computer room

Since 2002 the High Energy Physics Laboratory at UAM operates a Grid center in the context of the WLCG, giving support to the scientists of the ATLAS virtual organization.

It is financially maintained by the Spanish Ministry, through a collaboration agreement in the context of Spanish federated Tiers-2, that join three institutions:
    - Instituto de Física de Altas Energías (IFAE) in Barcelona
    - Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC) in Valencia
    - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in Madrid

Resources in the three laboratories are federated, thus forming a “Federated Tier-2”, and counting a 5% of the whole ATLAS resources. The federation holds a special category: “Tier-2 Direct”, which means that the T2 reliability and availability is good enough to connect to other Tiers-1 beyond the corresponding one of the European Southwest Cloud.

The UAM site has been growing in both Storage and Computing capacity to fulfill the ATLAS yearly requests. The order of magnitude of hardware resources at the UAM site is 1 Petabyte of hard disk storage and 1000 cpu cores of computing power.

Networking is an essential part in a GRID of computer centers. The UAM site has a 10 Gb/s bandwidth connection to the external world. Internally, most of the machines are connected at 1 Gb/s to the site central switch except those servers with an enhanced traffic of data which are connected through a 10 Gb/s fiber link.

Our team has always tried to optimize the energy consumption of the UAM site. Several measures have been taken in this respect, in particular:

  • a close cold aisle for a more efficient cooling of the machines
  • low consumption microprocessors and memories
  • use of warm air from the warm aisles as heating of offices during the winter season

The site electrical power pass through a 320 KVA UPS system which gives enough autonomy during power cuts.

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