NEWS: February 23th (2015), Our paper on the direct observation of proximity Josephson vortices published online in Nature Physics --- February 23th (2015), Our work on the near field radiative heat transfer in polar thin films published online in Nature Nanotechnology --- January 24th (2015), Our work on the thermopower of atomic contacts published online in Nano Letters --- December 3rd (2014), A nice News and Views by Elke Scheer on our G4-DNA paper appears in Nature Nanotechnology --- October 27th (2014), Our work on long-range transport in G4-DNA published online in Nature Nanotechnology --- August 15th (2014), Edwin's paper on the extraordinary TMOKE of a superlens published in PRB --- June 1st (2014), Our work on all-carbon single-molecule electronics published in Nanoscale --- March 13th (2014), Our paper on the proximity effect between two superconductors published in PRX --- Read more about these news here.
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Prof. Juan Carlos Cuevas  

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