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Whittaker, Rachel

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308- VIbis
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Resumen curriculum vitae

Rachel Whittaker is a lecturer in the English Philology Department of the Madrid Universidad Autónoma. She works in the areas of reading and writing in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and EFL, and in discourse analysis. She has co-written -with Ana Llinares and Tom Morton, colleagues at the UAM- a book on language use and development in CLIL classes, to come out in CUP in March 2012: The Roles of Language in CLIL. With Anne McCabe and Mick O'Donnell she edited two collections on literacy published by Continuum: Language and Literacy: Functional Approaches, (R. Whittaker, M. O’Donnell and A. McCabe eds. 2006 and Advances in Language and Education, (A. McCabe, M. O’Donnell and R. Whittaker eds. 2007). A number of studies on writing in EFL in Spanish secondary schools on which she has worked with Ana Martín Úriz based on the UAM Corpus of Written Interlanguage have been collected in La composición como comunicación: una experiencia en las aulas de bachillerato (A. Martín Úriz and R. Whittaker eds 2005). She has published a number of different studies on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) with Ana Llinares in the framework of the UAM-CLIL Project, of which she is co-founder.
She coordinates the Masters Programme in English Applied Linguistics at the UAM, and previously was in charge of the UAM Doctoral Programme in Applied Linguistics (which received the Mención de Calidad), for many years. She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Second Language Writing, and reviews for a number of other journals.

Asignaturas impartidas

Master in English applied Linguistics:The language of school disciplines in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Máster Formación del Profesorado de Enseñanza Secundaria y Bachillerato: English in secondary school classrooms bilingual settings and content and language integrated learning, Licenciatura en Filología Inglesa: English Discourse Analysis, Grado en Estudios Ingleses: Language in Communicative Contexts 2: Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Líneas de investigación

Writing in CLIL contexts, Writing in EFL in academic contexts, writing development in EFL


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Áreas de especialización

Literacy in L2, Writing in academic contexts, Writing development in EFL, Register and genre, Discourse analysis, CDA; Systemic Functional Linguistics

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