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Suggestions, complaints and claims box

The Faculty has a suggestions, complaints and claims box at the disposal of all users. Members of the university community and Web users may use suggestions, complaints and claims forms to submit observations and claims they wish to make about the functioning of the Faculty.

In order to respond appropriately to notifications received, there is a box for suggestions and complaints and another separate box for claims.

1. The claim form is a request to the Administration to take specific action in respect of a matter which directly affects a right of the applicant. To complete the form correctly all the fields must be filled in except the optional ones. The claim form must then be physically filed at a Public Administration Registry (preferably the UAM Law Faculty Registry in order to speed up the processing of the claim). If submitted electronically, it will not be admitted as a claim (it not being possible to duly identify the claimant), although it will be considered as a suggestion or complaint.

The Faculty Administration is obliged to respond to the claim, in writing, within a maximum period of 10 days.

2. The suggestions and complaints box is a means of receiving comments and suggestions made by any group within the University (teaching staff, students or administration or support staff), as well as persons outside the University, about academic matters, Faculty services and facilities. It is only appropriate, provided that no specific action is required from the Administration regarding a matter that directly affects a right of the applicant. This box can be used by filling in the mandatory fields in the appropriate website form, depending on the administrative service or matter in question.

The suggestion or complaint will then be brought to the attention of the person responsible for the administrative service or matter who will take such action as may be appropriate.

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