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Documents& Specific Requirements for Admission

Documents & Specific Requirements for Admission

Required Documents:

  • Graduate Certificate or officially recognized foreign Certificate (master or equivalent)
  • Academic certification of the studies that grant access to a Doctorate Program (master or equivalent)
  • Academic certification of undergraduate studies (4 years), bachelor degree (3-5 years)* or equivalent. 
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal Identification Card or Passport

* A bachelor degree (3-5years) would be the most similar to the former Spanish ‘Licenciatura’ that has now been supplanted by the named undergraduate studies (‘Grados’).

Optional Documents:

  • A recommendation letter from researchers with Doctorate degree evaluating the academic capacity of the candidate. 
  • A letter explaining the adequacy of the previous training of the student to some of the lines of investigation of the Doctorate Program. 
  • A letter for a professor of the Doctorate Program declaring that he/she accepts to monitor the thesis project of the petitioner. 


Coordinador del Programa de Posgrado:
Pablo Varona

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