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Teaching and Research Staff

Rozano Suplet Mercedes

Rozano Suplet, Mercedes

Profesora Contratada Doctora
Módulo 16, despacho 306
(34) 91 497 31 79
(34) 91 497 87 25
Resume CV

PhD in Economic and Business Sciences (special award mention) from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Bachelor of Information Sciences and Master in Corporate and Advertising Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. Professional coach by the FUAM.



Since 2013 is Contratado Doctor of Marketing at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). since 2004 is Professor of Marketing, where she has played different teaching categories (associate, assistant, doctor assistant).  She teaches in ADE Degree (4 subjects), double Degree in Law and ADE (1 subject)  and Marketing Master (6) at the Autonomous University. Previously, since 1994, she has been a professor in different public and private universities (5). She teaches courses, seminars and training programs in different Spanish institutions. She has participated as a speaker in conference sessions in Spanish and European institutions. He has directed Final Master's and Final Degree Projects (47). She has participated in 7 teaching innovation projects.



Research career developed in consumer behavior, distributor brand and teaching innovation. She has participated in 9 research projects, of which 5 were competitive. He has presented communications in 21 national and international conferences. He has published 4 book chapters and 14 articles published in scientific journals, several of them in impact journals (JCR). She is co-director of 1 doctoral thesis. In 2009 he won the first prize for the best doctoral thesis UAM-ASISA Chair of Health Management and Health Economics, as well as the recognition of the best paper in the IAPNM International Congress. Collaborates as an evaluator of the Journal Cuadernos de Gestión, Education and Information Technologies and Revista Española de Investigación y Marketing.


Areas of experience

  • Store brands
  • Market for generic medicines


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  • Gómez, M.; Rozano, M. (2009). “Las marcas de distribuidor: análisis del espacio en el lineal por categorías y enseñas”. Cuadernos de Gestión, Vol 9, nº 1.
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  • Méndez, J.L.; Oubiña, J.; Rozano, M. (2000). “Influencia de las Marcas de distribuidor en las relaciones fabricante-distribuidor”. Distribución y Consumo, n° 53.(nov-dic), pp. 55-74.
  • Esteban, A.; Reinares, P; Rozano, M. (1998). “Theory and practice about risk in the incorrect Management associations between store image and private label products in Spanish supermarkets” en C. Zopounidis y P.M. Pardalos (Eds.): Managing in uncertainty: Theory and Practice, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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The publications in Spanish can be consulted (and in some cases downloaded) on Dialnet.

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