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Departamento de Física TeóricaDepartamento de Física Teórica

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Computational Neuroscience

Computational Neuroscience

This is an emergent field and a meeting point between exact sciences, e.g. physics and mathematics, and biomedicine. It studies the brain and cognitive functions. In the Department, Prof. N. Parga leads the creation and future expansion of this group, which now explores the neuronal activity during different cortical states of activity: i) spontaneous activity of slow waves during a sleep phase, ii) under anaesthesia, iii) in the animal awake but inactive, iv) spontaneous activity (asynchrony) in the active animal. Another research line uses visual stimulations to explore the reception processes of the simple cells in the primary visual cortex.
In the future, a model project of spatial navigation will be undertaken, using the existing experimental information about the hippocampus and the entorhinal cortex. It will be implemented in collaboration with other neuroscience laboratories and robotic teams, its goal being the implementation of the model in a brain-machine system.

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