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Departamento de Física TeóricaDepartamento de Física Teórica



This is one of the five Departments of the Section of Physics of the School of Science.

The teaching activities which take place in the Department cover not only undergraduate studies, but postgraduate as well.

The Professors mainly teach the courses of the undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics as well as some courses in the undergraduate and graduate degrees of chemistry and biology.

In addition, they are also responsible for the two postgraduate programs in theoretical physics and astrophysics.

The research activities which take place in the Department cover various areas:
theoretical physics of elementary particles, experimental physics of elementary particles, nuclear physics, theoretical and observational astrophysics, cosmology, astroparticles, fundamentals of quantum mechanics, history of science and computational neuroscience.

The Institute of Theoretical Science is a research institute UAM-CSIC directly related to the Department.

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