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nIFTy Cosmology: A workshop on the production of virtual skies


Following Haloes going MAD, Subhaloes going Notts, Sussing Merger Trees, and Halo Mass Recovery we will now run a three week workshop examining the production and analysis of mock universes which are nowadays routinely used to underpin the science return from large observational surveys such as DES, Euclid & BOSS. We intend to run three tightly coupled ateliers back-to-back in June/July 2014 addressing:

i)The modeling of individual galaxy clusters and their impact on cluster cosmology.

ii)The production of mock galaxy catalogues.

iii)The extraction of observational results from the artificial skies generated during the first two weeks.

This workshop will address the credibility of the simulations and derived mock surveys that are commonly used for large scale structure determination by verifying the various techniques before validating them against observational data.

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